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​​​The best way you can help McNairy County Humane Society is to be a responsible pet owner.  Have your pets spayed and neutered, annual vaccinations (rabies vaccine is a law), and talk to your veterinarian about heartworm preventative and please keep your dog contained on your property (it is also a law).  If you have done all this for your pets, then reach out to neighbors in the community to help them become a responsible pet owner.  Be an advocate for pets in our area and let's work together to end our pet overpopulation problem.  This is not only a MCHS issue; it's an issue that affects our entire community and it will take ALL OF US!

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We are in need of money to treat heartworm positive dogs; we do not euthanize dogs due to treatable illnesses or broken bones.  These dogs deserve another chance for a better life.

We also are in need of doghouses and shavings to help those without shelter and help to repair houses to make them better for the dogs.

Since 2003, McNairy County Humane Society has devoted its energy to helping pets in need find homes and reduce the overpopulation of pets by promoting spay/neuter.   We have a voucher program to help get your pets spayed/neutered and received a grant from the Tennessee Animal Friendly license plate to enable more surgeries. 

Urgent Projects


those in need

Become a temporary foster home for a dog!  It is so rewarding to see them change right in front of you and help them adjust to a loving home life.  Simple activities such as learning to walk on a leash, teach them simple commands and become social with other dogs and people gives them a much better chance at adoption.

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