Tina Churchwell

2004 - MCHS achieves IRS nonprofit status

2006 - Tina Churchwell becomes president

2007 - MCHS starts sending pups/dogs into the NE states for adoption.

To Date:  over 1700 pups/dogs have been adopted


Dogs & cats can't read, but they sure can multiply!!

OUR programs

-spay/neuter voucher

-providing dog houses

​McNairy County Humane Society remains a shelterless organization and relies on foster homes and donations to rescue the pups/dogs in our care.  Without either we would cease to exist.  There are simply too many dogs without proper care and responsible owners in McNairy County and sadly we turn down dogs/pups on a weekly basis due to the lack of funds and fosters.  The success of rescuing is based on the community coming together and helping those in need.  Speak for those who cannot.  Please do not turn a blind eye and think someone else will step up because if your heart tells you to get involved it is the right thing to do and we promise you will gain joy from rescuing and fostering a pup/dog who will end up in a wonderful home because of you.  

We cannot manage all the cruelty calls that come in; please be their voice and help when you can.  We are based on volunteers who all have busy daily lives, just like you.  Most of the time owners are glad for the help.  


McNairy County Humane Society was formed in 2003 and received nonprofit status in April 2004.  Tina became president in 2006.  Tina and her volunteers have committed to rescuing, spaying and neutering as many pups/dogs in McNairy County as possible. MCHS works with rescue groups in New England to to find them homes; there simply are not enough here. The dogs/pups are ALWAYS vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped and must have negative fecal before health certificate issued. If adults they must be heartworm and tick born disease tested.  MCHS strictly adheres to the requirements of the states they are adopted into.

Our President

MCHS History

McNairy County Humane Society


-foster a dog or pup

​-build a dog house

mission & vision

Our mission is to stop the pet overpopulation problem in McNairy County and to encourage all pet owners to be responsible for the health, welfare and safety of their pets.